Tall Wood Buildings

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Over the last decade, Tall Wood buildings have been at the forefront of innovative building practice in urban contexts. In many cities around the globe, these timber high-rises have emerged as a new urban element. Mass timber buildings of up to 20 storeys and a height of 85 meters have been built, are under construction or being considered. This dynamic shift has been enabled by the emergence of new engineered wood products, prefabrication and more flexibility in fire regulations. The low carbon dioxide foot-print of wood – often regionally sourced – make it a responsible choice for today’s buildings.

This publication provides a systematic introduction to the technology and explains typical Tall Wood constructions such as panel systems, frame and hybrid systems. An international selection of 18 best-practice case studies is documented in details with many specially prepared constructions drawings, demonstrating the range of the technology.

Both authors are experienced specialists for timber construction:

Michael Green (MGA | Michael Green Architecture), Vancouver, and Director of the non-for-profit school | Design Build Research, is a researcher and practioner in the field of timer structures. His 2013 TED talk, viewed over 1.3 million times, made a large audience aware of Tall Wood buildings.

Jim Taggart, Vancouver, is an architect, publicist and editor of Sustainable Architechture and Building Magazine. He has taught architecture at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver since 2004. He is also the author of the award-winning books Toward a Culture of Wood Achitechture (2004) and The Architecture of Engagement (2019).

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Manuskript: Michael Green og Jim Taggart
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Udgave: 1. udgave 2018, 200 sider
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